La Cucina Pubblica

Event  within the Symposium
"Get Involved- Discover and create common ground"
Part of the  Austrian contribution to
La Biennale di Venezia, 13. Mostra Int. di Architettura

In Roman times, anchovies were eaten raw as aphrodisiac. Mozzarella colour is RAL 9003 Signal white. It takes 10 weeks to produce a chicken. One slice of Parma ham costs 0,28€. This asparagus comes from 10.900 km away. 1 kg of beef produces the same CO2 as a car driving 250 km. Ananas are multiple accessory fruits. This carrot packaging is 34gr, polypropylene. One egg has 144 kcal.

Why do we eat what we eat and how much do we know about it? What is food for us? Stories about food are stories about us, and these stories bind us together.

The Cucina Pubblica is an exchange of creative recipes and a digestion of mediated information. It’s a cooking installation with many reasons on the table to get to know each other.

In the Cucina Pubblica, the participants choose what they want to eat from a careful selection of 54 ingredients, each with 12 categories of information. They are asked to design a Brocheta with 5 ingredients, draw them giving instructions of how to prepare them, and explain why they chose them. The food creations are then mixed and randomly distributed, so that everyone gets to cook someone elses recipe.

Once the Brocheta, after being assembled and grilled, is ready to eat, the cook has to find the hungry owner. Names are shouted out loud in the middle of the crowd. Two strangers will now share much more than just food.

Cucina Pubblica took place on the
19th of October 2012 in Serra dei Giardini, Venezia.

Thanks to:
Monika Abendstein, Alfred von Escher  for the organization 
Amelie Thierfelder, Carmen P. Higueras, Ruben's family  for the help

and everyone who participated