My Public Island

Workshop  within the Symposium
Part of the  Austrian contribution to
La Biennale di Venezia, 13. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura

In the place where I am, no one else can be. Where do I end, and someone else starts? How much space do I need, and how much am I allowed to take? What separates me from the others?

My public island is an invitation to take place in public space, an experiment about personal borders and the way we present ourselves as public beings.

In My public island, every participant explores on their own the temporary conquest of a spot of common ground. They are asked to tape a line around themselves and stay inside. The location, form and size of the island is for each one to decide. After 10 min, they write their names on it. After another 10, they can change something. They spend in total 30 min inside, observing, reacting, being aware.

With this actions, they abandon their pedestrian anonymity and become active public identities. Confronted with the reactions of passers-by, the statement of the border turns into a communication threshold.
A field for debate and discussion is then open, exploring the limits between private and public, individual and collective.


Sibylle Bader, Angela Salchegger, Johanna Aglassinger, Monika Darmann, Anna-Maria Hackl ,Miia Baumann, Corinna Toell,Patricia Porsch, Kathrin Hagen, Luca, Serena.

Thanks to:
Monika Abendstein (symposium conception and organisation)