Box-It is a public gallery, a new type of interactive urban furniture. It´s an opportunity for anyone to have a temporary exhibition showcase in public space to display and share with others any realization of their ideas, works, or proposals for the community. 

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Box-It is a public platform, an interface between citizens, without content censorship or selective filters, independent of the fashion dictate or market. It promots the formation of local networks that unite the urban social structure.

In our every day more abstract communication surroundings, Box-It proposes a return to tangible and concrete reality, believing in the poetics of the object and the force of its presence.
This installation, ever changing, has the ability to surprise and intrigue the passer-by, who becomes  more active. Citizens have to go see, surround, discover.

Box-It consists of a series of stacked show boxes in different sizes, that can be rented for a length of time through a built-in coin-opereted control panel .The user has the responsibility and control over the content.
The show box uses a similar technology to baggage lockers. The front of the locker is transparent, with an interior light and a display where the author/renter can type the information they find appropriate for the project.

Passers-by vote for their favourite content by a button "I like" located on each box.
The rental income of Box-It is awarded monthly as a fund given to the users who had the highest amount of votes, encouraging this way local creativity.

by Inés Aubert and Rubén Jódar