Cucina Pubblica V

Cooking performance
as part of Get involved VI
"Symposium zur Architektur- und Baukulturvermittlung 
für junge Menschen"
18. international architecture 
exhibition Biennale Architettura 2023
Venice, 20. October 2023

Why do we eat what we eat and how much do we want to know about it?

What ends up on our plates has far-reaching ecological and social impacts.

At the Cucina Pubblica we research, negotiate, cook and taste 

the consequences of our recipes. Feeding through knowledge. 

With gourmet awards and a spoonful of humor.

Because our climate is what we eat.


Four teams compete against each other. They choose from a range of ingredients to cook the most possible sustainable and delicious recipe.

The CO2 footprint, water consumption and transport routes, which result from the sum of the used ingredients, are evaluated. Values can be reduced through „greenwashing“.

The winner of the cooking duel is the recipe with the best numbers and taste. In the spirit of sustainability, the installation itself is also made from recycled and reusable or compostable materials.


If we feed ourselves through knowledge in a more climate-friendly way, everyone wins.