Cucina Pubblica III

Workshop and cooking event 
part of "Get Involved IV- international symposium 
of architectural and built environment education" 
within the Biennale Architettura 2018, Austrian Pavilion
11-12 October 2018, Venice

Which ingredients shouldn´t be missing in the public space? Which kind of places should be added more salt or sugar to? Which urban dishes should we all cook together? 
The Cucina Pubblica is a culinary social experience, a playful performance and a moderated discussion about public space. 
After collecting the favourite pasta recipes of Venetians in the street, participants gather around the stoves at the Caserma Pepe in Lido. In an orchestrated choreography in 5 acts, the cooks hop from table to table and improvise the next step of the process for a surprising dish. 

The Cucina Pubblica is a small laboratory of public space: the setting of factors that come together are in each step different (constellation of people, ingredients, cooking process). Every participant has to handle the spontaneous generated situation and negotiate his or her role in it. We are the cooks of public space!

we thank all particiapants 
and specially the table moderators!