A wie Alex

Aktion und Workshop
im Rahmen von Interventionen-berlin 2014

Alexanderplatz is a strange, fascinating place. The center of the city and yet a non-place crossed by thousands of people every day. It has seen markets, revolutions, demonstrations and reunifications. Somehow its character of big empty stage encourages people to say what they think.

And people have a lot to say. Mobile technology may connect us with the world, but abstracts us a bit from the ones right around us. “A wie Alex” opens up the urban stage of Alexanderplatz and gives tools to communicate 1:1, loud and proud. 

Let’s write analog sms. Let’s write the city.

Ein Projekt im Rahmen von "BERLIN WAS GEHT"
Kulturelle Bildung x Stadtentwicklung
11. -13. September 2014 in Podewil Berlin

Photo: Ralf Fleckenstein

Photo: Ralf Fleckenstein