Spree islet

In the middle of the Spree, in the middle of the city.

Escape from the hectic pace of everyday life and spend a few hours on your own island. Longing for adventure and freedom? Let your thoughts drift surrounded by water away from the mainland.

The island paradise is a square platform 2x2 meters built on floating containers and equiped with a parasol against sun and rain. While on shore it is public and accessible to everyone, but it can be conquered as your privat islet. With a pully connected to both the bank and a floating buoy, one moves it into the open Spree river.

In the open waters the Islander has a unique urban experience: being in the middle of the city, and yet not part of it. The city’s free space as a shared place.

From here a picturesque city panorama can be seen: a few tourists steamboats slowly passing by, people enjoying their walk under the trees.. An idyllic image far from the comercial development projects
The glittering surface is deceptive: much of the access to the river is being privatized.
But who owns the water? What does an island utopia look like?
Could the structures of public space be broken by a collectiveRobinsonade”?

The low cost small-format "do-it-yourself" islands allow everyone to be a Spree Islander. The temporary archipelagos are optimistic models of society from its residents.